Midweek meal out – RedLionOxford

After a good gym session at yet another Pilates class, I had arranged to meet my friend with my o/h in the centre of town to eat at
the ‘new’ @RedLionOxford it had recently been recommend to me by some friends.
The large crescent building is situated in the heart of the theatre area of Oxford, there are many varieties of restaurants around this area, as it’s an
ideal spot to feed the ever rushing theatre and cinema goers.

On entering the Red Lion at first the layout is similar to what I remembered from the past; light and spacious with various levels
within. We sat down at our table, a rustic style design, light wood and the type you can see the nails in. The theme was comfortable, with decorations of peppers on shelves, pasta and various cooking oils on some tables, possibility they are for sale? I didn’t find out…

Looking around I also spotted some comfy looking sofa chairs in the bar area, which would be ideal if you just wanted to sit in for
some drinks and nibbles, there were also some ‘faux fur’ covered seats in one of the level up rooms, it looked very luxurious.

We all ordered our various wine choices and then took a good long look through the menu. There is a huge range of choice on this menu
from pizzas to steaks, prices from £8 – £20. This menu could be seen by some people as too much choice, but with the benefit of a meal that can match your wallet and possibly your diet, I could see no problems!

The atmosphere was young and vibrant, it had a good midweek city feeling, which for a small city is sometimes not easy to find. When our
meal arrived the portions all looked good, not enormous but not minute either.
The head waiter came to our table shortly after the sides were delivered to say that, due to the wait we’d had on our meal we would be given our first drinks for free. While we were aware that they were busy with some large party tables, we hadn’t complained, due to plenty of conversation, but we had also been informed as to what was going on, I liked their style.

The food was delicious, three empty plates and three full stomachs make for a good recommendation. I’d definitely go back to have
the cod again, however I should really go back and try something different with a menu like that.

I think it’s great to have somewhere in town that I know will be relaxing yet also worth making an effort for. If you’ve not tried it already maybe think about going in this weekend or next week to break up the working week.

What we ate:
Maple Spit Gammon, Chargrilled Peach, Mustard Mash + Honey & Maple Jus
Blackened Cod Fillet, Egg Noodles, Pak Choi + Mango & Chilli Salsa
8oz Sirloin Steak
Peppercorn sauce
2x Rosemary Frites, + Mayonnaise
Green beans with chilli sauce


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