Oxford Foodies Festival

South Park Oxford, a large expanse of space, central to Oxford, lovely especially on a sunshine day! To mention everyone their would be a very very long blog but I’ll highlight some of my favourites here:

First off we’d left out tickets at home 😦 great start I know! However thanks to fabulous technology in this instance an Iphone the email confirmation did suffice!

The first stop for us was the ORiGami tent, where they were selling Aspall, Becks, and some fizz, we stuck to the Aspall and Becks but they definitely had a good roof for any rain that was coming the festivals way. By the looks of it they cater for events weddings and parties. http://www.origamievents.co.uk/

Our first food stop was ‘Discover the Origin’ was there with some delicious Pamigiano-Reggiano Cheese, a leg of Parma Ham, to be cut to people’s requirements. The cheese, 18yrs, 22yrs and 30 yrs in maturing stages, my favourite was 18yrs, the flavour was of a good strength, but if you prefer it more mild I’d skip to the aged parmesan, for more information. www.discovertheorigin.co.uk

I purchased a lovely chocolate book for my friend who loves Chocolate, the author also wrote in her email address so questions can be asked if anyone is stuck! Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate but I think this will be much more appreciated by a real chocolate lover. The book, Auberge du Chocolat is not out in stores yet, it will be in a couple of weeks though, if you do miss out on getting down to the festival. I loved the chocolate shoes, you can buy them online and they will last for a year, if you can make it last!! Everything at the stand was made last week, something that might not happen with Thorntons chocolates. http://www.aubergechocolat.co.uk/

Buying a drink as soon as we got there was a great idea but it did make it tricky to juggle tasters and cups, so my advise would be hold off have a nose then a drink.

For those of you that like your unusual cheeses the Cheshire Cheese Company was a stand with a great marketing banner – Cheese that makes you grin. The cheeses I tried were tasty, but some were very unusual! http://www.cheshirecheesecompany.co.uk/

Cotswold Gold Extra Virgin Cold Presses Rapeseed Oil: this is a bottle of  sexy looking and tasting Rapeseed Oil. As I heard one woman put it: ‘it’s very yellow!’ It even tastes good for you. They were at the Foodies Festival last year but with only one simple delicious oil, this year they have returned with many varieties; Original, Chilli, Lemon, Garlic, Basil, Dill, Cumin, Smoked and Rosemary.  They can be found in Wheatley Farm shop, I’ve not yet been but I will take a look out for it. http://www.cotswoldgold.co.uk/

The Cotswold Cider Company had some lovely ciders, and some great names to boot!
Look out for it growing in the next year. this year we purchased 1 large No Brainer and 2 small Side Burns
Location: On the other side of Faringdon, just on the Oxfordshire border.
People talk: I heard people talking about it as they’d previously only seen it at their local cricket club in Faringdon, they sounded pleased to have found it again at an oxfordshire event.
The website is under construction however will be live in a few weeks write it down! and visit it in time for October!  http://cotswoldciderco.com/
Dry – No Brainer Cider – ‘authentic still hazy cider ‘rich fruity distinctive’
Med/Dry – Side burn – med sweet ‘real toffee apple infusion
Sweet and flavoured – Sweet Cheeks – ‘elderbery and blackberry – lipsmacking’
Fizzy! Coleshill House Cider – An alternative to fizzy wine!

For lunch the meat-eater had his meaty burger, but this time it was not of the standard variety. We headed to Tuckers, an Australian burger joint, (for want of a better word!). On offer were a variety of ‘non normal burgers, they smelt fantastic. However I’m sure I must look like a non burger type as I was not pressed into selecting one of their 5 fine flavours. The Burgers all had the calorie counts on the board, something I liked about their honesty and shows how meat isn’t that bad for ya! 🙂

Tuckers ‘Big 5’

1. Ostrich – from previous times apparently ‘not much fat and very tasty.’
4.Springbok – the chosen one,’ tasty but the feeling was that the flavour wasn’t that distinctive’
5.Wild Boar

As a Veggie had a lovely platter, like a burritos but on flat bread, a mix of 3 or 5 toppings, £6-£7. You can find this next to the Posh Pork Pie stand.

We bought some venison sausages and some wild boar burgers for friends birthdays and the freezer, from Hubertus Game the Burgers were cooking on their stands BBQ and I must say smelt like how a BBQ should smell like, if it’s going to be full of burgers! www.HubertusGamePitlochry.com

We found plenty of lovely wines at but our favourite @foodiesfestival was OTUWHERO ESTATES. They had 4 Sauvignon Blancs, a preferred choice of ours.

We tried some samples of: Sauvee Sea, Two Rivers, O:TU, Black Cottage. We purchased 1 Sauvignon Blanc Sauvee Sea and 1 Sauvignon Blanc Black Cottage. After sitting in the sun and thoroughly enjoying the  buzz around the festival we had another glass. The staff were friendly, and knew a lot about their produce, I did enjoy seeing the trade between the wine guys and the cheese toastie ladies across the way. why not have a sandwich for a lovely glass of wine as payment!

Items that were spotted along the way were the very cute hedgehog breads, which could be seen at the homemade bread stall.

All in all we had a lovely day and will return again to the foodies festival. I hope it continues to grow and keep returning to Oxford!


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