The Wolvercote tastebud

The Trout, located in Wolvercote Oxfordshire.  The pub looks out on to the river Thames, with the cascading weir creating a lively scene, which can be seen from the whole of
the terrace. The interior is cosy yet cool: it’s a huge pub with original features still intact and on show. There are 3 core eating areas inside, which lends’ itself well to cater for large group bookings, as well as looking after the couples that are out for a romantic meal.

I think the best way to get to the Trout is by bike along the river, away from the cars, and alongside some cows!  From East Oxford to the Trout it is about a 7 mile cycle ride, or 14 miles round trip, but with a good lunch in store when you arrive, I think it’s a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday. If you’re based in the city centre, join the river at the bottom of Abingdon road, at Folly Bridge. If cycling isn’t your thing, then the Trout has a huge car park, which is free, (oh such a rare thing!) so it makes for a great place to gather friends
and family from across the county or country for lunch or dinner!

The other half and I took to our bikes and arranged to meet a friend, who was driving over from outside the city. We parked up and headed in, we had taken a risk and not booked, (it’s recommended to book), most certainly for a Sunday lunch. As we weren’t too late, we managed to get a seat out on the terrace, which was spot on for the weather. The Trout splits its terrace into two, one half for diners and the other half for those of you that just fancy a drink outside.

On arrival our friend had got his drink from the bar, (something I’d recommend for next time). As we’d managed to get a table we ordered our drinks from the waiters/waitresses. This wasn’t the speediest of processes as we had to ask twice for our drinks order to be taken, and as it was only a glass of wine and Becks the 15 min wait did seem longer than expected. On the upside we were catching up with a friend, so there was plenty to talk about to pass the time.

The menu can be found on the website  there is a good mixture of dishes: Sharers, Salads, Starters, Pastas, Pizzas and stove/grill/rotisserie
plus a list of specials that included a variety of meats, fish options and vegetarian choices for both starters and main courses. The prices are fair and you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your lunch, there is a good wine selection which you will be able to see on approach to the main bar.

When our food order was taken we made our choices, a tricky one when there is such a selection but not a bad thing! The food wait took about 40mins but with good weather, another drink and good conversation it wasn’t too much of an issue. I did hear a few apologies go out to some customers, who had clearly waited for longer than they expected, but despite the hiccups the staff stayed pleasant and calm through-out the service. We took some pictures just after we’d started, proof of a good lunch:

Pan fried Cod on a bed of rotini pasta with a pesto and tomato sauce (about
£16) – This was delicious, the skin on the cod was nice and crispy and the fish was thick and well-cooked and seasoned. The pasta was light and not sloppy, it went very well with the fish, the garlic through the sauce wasn’t too strong but it was flavoursome, which I enjoyed.
6oz Sirloin steak with gambas and chips

(about £14) – The steak was cooked medium rare as requested, it was served with a bowl of chips and two gambas (which looked amazing), they had been chargrilled and ‘perfectly seasoned’, I unfortunately didn’t get a sample of the gambas, so
they were clearly not for sharing. As a comparison to the other weeks’ Steak and Chips at the Magdalen Arms, The Trout’s dish was a fraction of the price, and significantly better quality.

Calzone – Cacciatore Pork, Tomato Frito, Garlic, Cremé Fraiche (about £11)

The calzone did not skimp on its meat content, our friend seemed pleased with his choice especially at less than £11.


Our plates were polished clean as a result of 3 very different and very good dishes.  We paid our bill and made our separate ways home after a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday lunch!



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