Atomic Dinner

Last Wednesday I met up with friends and headed down to Atomic Pizza. I was happy to have eventually got a table booked at the second Atomic restaurant, that I’d already heard so much about on twitter and through others.

This was a great night,despite how it started off!  I’d accidentally booked Atomic Burger (the original Atomic!) as a friend said to me: #Atomicfail!
James and his team managed to fit us in only half an hour later than our unbooked table, so to pass the time we had a drink in Cafe Baba’s just down the road!

The atmosphere:
When we arrived at our newly allocated time, we sat with the life-size Simpsons, ready to be taken to our table.
The restaurant itself is filled with toys and icons from your childhood! You can literally
just sit at your table and stare around the rooms reminiscing! If that’s not enough there
is a projector running various 80s and beyond cartoons (in mute) while you eat!

The menu:
The menu is vast, with a wide array of pizzas, toppings, burgers, and all things American! The pizza names are excellently named, anything from Padington Bear to He-man! They are flexible with amending your pizza, as one of our party requested an alternative base, (point proved)
they also offer gluten free pizzas if required!

The food:

Hell Boy (v) “Hot Sauce, refried beans, jalapenos, red onion, mozzarella and a tomato base Phew! ring of hell fire anyone”

Wow this was tasty! Apparently the hot sauce is the weakest thing they add to their Godzilla Pizza, do it if
you dare I’d say! Mine was plenty hot enough for me, and it stayed flavoursome too.

Atomic Burger Pizza (v)  Yep that’s right a Pizza Burger. Choose Beef, Chicken or Veggie Burger and it is encased inbetween two margherita pizzas, served with lettuce, tomato and a side of fries

For the indecisive!? Only kidding… This arrived as it is described, however our table thought the pizza on top should have been turned up the other way around, so that you could really get your hands around it and treat it like a burger. My friend chose the chicken which came as a breast.
He said next time he’d try for the Beef.

He- Man BBQ pulled pork, white onion, mozzarella and a BBQ base

As a personal choice, a tomato base was opted for here. Apparently a great combination. The sweetness of the BBQ pulled pork worked well, it was felt that the BBQ base was possibly for those of you that have a sweeter tooth when it comes to your pizzas.

To drink well it had to be Peroni x 2 and a Great Shake!

We had a great night in Atomic Pizzas: the staff were friendly, the service was speedy, and the prices were reasonable, under £10 per pizza.
It would be great to see some fish toppings available, as a pescetarian I find this is a great alternative instead of having the vegetarian options, (of which there were plenty!) Maybe something to think of in any new menu additions?
All pizzas were eaten in full with only the ocassional crust left on the plate. Thanks to the Atomic team!


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