The Bat and Ball

The Bat and Ball is situated in Cuddesdon a short drive out from Oxford city centre. The fields and footpaths are great for ramblers and dog walkers especially in the knowledge that there is an open fire as well as good food and drink not too far away. When you arrive into the car park, you will see that the views surrounding the restaurant are beautiful.

Inside you will find exposed beams throughout the restaurant and bar. The stone floor mixed with the leather furnishings gives The Bat and Ball an inviting touch to all visitors, even more so if the fire has been lit! Wickets and bats are mounted on the beams throughout the bar and restaurant. It’s certainly worth a good look when you are inside as there is plenty of cricket memorabilia for fans and non fans.

The venue is relaxed but smart and welcomes families of all ages into both its bar and restaurant. The same menu choice can be had in both seating areas, so you can still have a special meal even if you opt to sit in the bar instead of the restaurant.
On Sundays they have a choice of two roasts as well as the main menu; which included a variety of fish, meat, lighter bites and starters. From Monday to Saturday they have an alternative menu which can be found on their website.

When we arrived at 1pm the restaurant was full although not heaving. It was clear that others knew this was a good place to go for lunch with parents and or friends.

The service was attentive and the staff were friendly, we were given a nice amount of time to peruse the menu.
Our drinks order was taken and served in good time too.
The specials board was up when we arrived, we managed to have a quick glance before the waitress removed it.

Our Food

Bat Burger

This was a good thick meaty burger, and looked like a good quality meat, the home-made coleslaw was ‘delicious’.

Roast Pork

Both the men had the Roast Pork, both were happy with their meal but would have enjoyed some crackling with the pork. They said that it missed the home cooked feel and it would have been nice to have a slice more meat. The yorkshire pudding was very much enjoyed and was a sizeable yorkie at that!

Winter Vegetable Casserole with vegetarian dumplings

This was a hearty bowl of beans, sweet potato and other root vegetables,
with tasty dumplings. This was served with half a baguette which was great for dunking.


Chocolate cake

This caught my other halfs’ eye, he’s not normally a chocolate lover but he said that the cake was ‘gorgeous’ (I’m sure he’ll love me for quoting that!) It was moist and had a good creamy icing it wasn’t thick and claggy.

Orange and Quantro Cheesecake

The quantro gave this a good punch apparently, I thought the presentation looked great!

Creme brulee

This was served in a coffee cup, the top had a good firm top which you could crack through satisfyingly!

We all left happy and full. I think polishing off the yummy mints that came with the bill helped with this too! If you are looking for somewhere slightly out of Oxford city centre for a change, give The Bat and Ball a try. It’s less than 5 miles away and in a beautiful village, there is also car parking available in the restaurants car park and some on the roadside.


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