The Rickety Press

Down the road from Oxford University press another great pub and lunch spot lies just off Walton street, on Cranham Street. The Rickety Press is an Arkells pub, and sister of The Rusty Bycicle,  situated just off Cowley Road on Magdalen. With Arkell’s ales on tap, plenty of local Oxford Beers, a list of tasty wines and homemade cordials, popping in to either of these venues for a drink is a pleasure.

The style in The Rickety Press is clean, yet rustic, the clue is in the name I suppose! There is a snug as you enter the pub, with the comfy large brown leather sofas, the bar sits in the centre of the pub rolling around to the amazing, high ceiling conservatory at the back of pub. The seating of booths around the bar sit 4 comfortably for lunch or more depending on how well you know your friends!

The menu is ideal for anyone wanting a quick-lunch in their lunch hour, or a larger leisurly, lunch for a special occasion. We went to The Rickety Press just before Christmas, after a week of various christmas lunches and parties. We wanted to go somewhere together with a good atmosphere and good food, both of which we knew could be found here.

To start we shared: bread, fresh olives & dipping oil/balsamic vinegar. The dish was quite deep for the oil/balsamic vinegar mix, it could have done with being shallower, but the breads and olives were a great start to our festive day.

My main was the squash, feta & pine nut wellington and celeriac puree, this was delicious, it was lovely to have something that was tasty and also creative, I sometimes find that some places don’t dare to be different for vegetarians, that wasn’t the case here.

My other half had a steak sandwich, there was a healthy portion of steak, so much so he had the filling and left the bread!
The puddings looked fantastic, in my head I’d already decided what to have when we chose our starter and main course however we passed up the puddings due to being so comfortably full.

The pub was quiet when we arrived at first, approx 1pm, but it soon filled up with passers by and large table bookings for the full Christmas menu. We approached the bar for our drinks and to find where we had been placed for our booking. We were given a choice of where we wanted to sit, the conservatory, or the more casual bar area. We opted for the latter purely down to the larger tables that would be set up around us. Our drinks order was brought to us, as well as a menu. The food at The Rickety Press is made to your order, you are pre warned on your menu that this might mean that you have to wait a bit longer for the fresh food.  I didn’t notice a wait and if there was one then it was worth it.

If you haven’t been to The Rickety Press, then I’d recommend that your go. If you have patience you can get a parking space close by for 2hrs for free and if not then you can simply pay or walk!


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