Majliss Cowley road

Monday 2nd January was the day before the country started back at work, I’m sure many people would have been tucking into some leftovers, watching ‘fake’ sunday night TV and slightly dreading the reality that lay ahead the next morning. I did not do this, this January 2nd I went out for a friend’s birthday, for the first curry of the year!

The venue was Majliss on Cowley road. The restaurant was elegantly decorated with babaules hanging at both the windows, these windows are the main frontage onto the Cowley road, this gives guests a great nose out at watching the world go by and passers the opportunity to look in and see what they are missing.

We were a party of approximately 16, the time of arrival was set for 7.30, the time of arrival that everyone arrived was about 8.30. The staff were very forgiving, they clearly understood that gathering a large group of 20-30 somethings wasn’t going to be a military procedure. We had poppadoms with all the chutneys: Mango, Lime, Chilli, Mixed, one between 4.

I didn’t want to eat too much, I felt I’d probably done this over Christmas and New Years, but I definitely wanted something tasty. My drink for the evening was a pint of Kingfisher, which I think is the best drink to be had with any curry.

I opted for a King prawn dosa, this is a traditional pancake and delicious, it came with a yogurt dressing and a salsa. both of which complimented the dosa. The pancake was light and flavour-some from the spices and filling. With this dish there was no need for rice and naan bread, which suited my need to not eat too much after Christmas.

The portions among our table were good, no complaints and plenty of clear plates. I will most certainly head back in the not too distant future, most likely in a smaller group. It has a big thumbs up for large parties from me ,so perhaps look here for you next big occasion!


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