The Winter Slaw

Here is an alternative to coleslaw, and it only takes four simple steps to serve. Try and make it while the celeriac is still in the shops, I think it’s making a comeback.
I had this with salmon but it will go with anything, it makes a good party piece and it’s very moreish. I would say add more yoghurt than mayonnaise purely because it’s lighter and goes further. Equally don’t remove the mayonnaise entirely as this slaw needs it as a thickener.

½ celeriac
½ lemon juice
1 Red apple
2 tbsp mayonnaise
3 tbsp plain yoghurt
1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
handful chopped parsley

Step One
Chop your celeriac into match-sticks, this might take a while, but have patience. Put the match-sticks into a large bowl.

Step Two
Core your apple and chop the apple into match-sticks, leave the skin on for the colour. Add this to your celeriac

Step Three
Squeeze your lemon into the bowl. Add your mayonnaise, yoghurt and wholegrain mustard to the dish and mix well.

Step Four
Serve with Parsley and enjoy with your main course.


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