Lunches for Work

Over the past few years people are constantly thinking about how best to save money, be it on food, drink or lifestyle. There are programs that help you get the most out of your weekly shop and the supermarkets are always doing price comparisons for the consumer.  

  • With your weekly shop do you consider your lunches?
    If you work in an office maybe you buy a loaf of bread and a variety of fillings to put into your sandwich each day?
    Maybe you buy the ready-made soups to put in the microwave at work?
    Or maybe you don’t think about lunch and then take your wallet to the company canteen or local shop or pub?

Whatever you do, this section of my blog is going to let you know about my inexpensive working week lunches.
Don’t get me wrong, I do go to pub for the socials and birthday lunches, I also use the work canteen and occasionally I head down to the business parks cafe, to pick up a baguette. But what I won’t let myself do, is go to these outlets everyday!

Have you ever thought about how much you spend on your work lunches?  

I work on a business park in Oxfordshire. A few years ago my weekly spend for lunch used to be around £20-£25. So £100 in 1 month on lunch! This was my first job after university and it was a crazy amount to spend.

Why did I do this!? My work place at the time had no subsidised canteen, the kitchen had no kettle and no microwave (for fear of smelly food!) My lunch options were therefore limited to cold lunches, sandwiches or salad. Alternatively one of a few local pubs or the 2 sandwich bars on the park.
The sandwich bar lunch usually consisted of a create-your-own baguette, drink and crisps or a sweet thing. £3.50 of this was for the baguette alone!
Things Improved when I moved company, they had a subsidised canteen and a kettle and microwave in the kitchen. For me this ment that creating my own lunches could get more exciting, as they could be hot or cold depending on the season! Now my average weekly spend can be as low as £2.

Microwave campaign: I think it’s wrong for companies not to provide a microwave, I’m not a huge fan of mine at home, but they are so handy at work! Just because one staff member has a sensitive sense of smell shouldn’t cause expensive lunches for others.


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