Cafe Cocos Cowley road

Last week I met up with my recently married friends, this was the first time I’d caught up with them since the big day.

Cafe Cocos and Kazbar sit on Cowley road near St Clements, between them sits an alfresco dining area, which always reminds me of summer holidays spent in Spanish squares surrounded by restaurants and bars.

Cocos has that holiday feel to it this is created by decor and atmosphere, the relaxed vibe is clear to passers-by, the large windows that wrap around the restaurant show off the venue inside. Coco’s serves breakfast lunch and dinner and if you don’t want food? It’s not a problem!  They have plenty of cocktails and happy hours too. There are two Coco’s in Oxford, the original one is on Cowley road and the second, slightly larger venue is near the train station.

I hadn’t been to Cowley roads, Café Cocos for an absolute age, but when I returned I opted for my favourite pizza, prawn saganaki, no matter how tempting the king prawn and coriander sounds I’ve not yet moved on to it.

Prawn Saganaki £9.55 king prawns, feta cheese, tomatoes, spring onions & garlic

My friends both had a Merguez & tzatziki each. This was the first visit for Rich and I suspect that he may return again, the pizzas were certainly enjoyed.

Merguez & tzatziki £9.35 spicy beef & lamb sausage, spinach, onions, peppers, garlic, mozzarella & topped with cooling tzatziki

To drink we had: 2 x Peroni £3.and 1 Cocktail £6

I think that £41 between 3 people for an evening is not bad going!

The service is friendly and relaxed, and you don’t feel that they want to boot you out of the door once you’re finished. The only slight grumble would be that we were left for a little too long between clearing the tables and getting the bill, fine for a Friday or Saturday night, but not on a weekday.

As the sun and the heat will be with us at least for the weekend and I suspect summer holidays away are a little while off most peoples’ radars, why not take yourself down to Cocos this weekend? You never know, you could be in another country in no time, without the jetlag, depending on how many cocktails you have!


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