This blog is based and written outside of Oxford, covering my holiday outings in the Isle of Wight.
Opposite the Pier pub sits a small restaurant, Murrays.

I say small, this is only from the outside. On entering the front room there was seating for about 20 people and a small bar, behind the bar was a further room which could hold a further 20-30. The paintings on the walls were beautiful all fish and seaside related, and the detail was incredible.
The restaurant was decorated in jubilee theme for the weekend, along with a jubilee set menu on offer, including a glass of fizz. On arrival at 19:30 there were 3 couples at their tables in the front room, there was no music and little conversation going. We sat down at our table, and waited for our menu, I was worried we’d made a mistake.
When our menu arrived my reaction was ‘wow I could eat all of this!’ I struggled to choose, there was: tuna, cod, lobster, seabass 2 ways, lemon sole, dover sole. And this didn’t include the starters. A group of 6 people arrived during our time with the menu, their chatter broke the quietness and other tables seemed to chatter more too. Phew!
My OH had steak, the cow variety, we were by the sea! but in fairness you should eat what you like, he doest eat steak at home much, so when he had the chance he took it! I opted for the grilled seabass, which came with potatoes and green beans. Our wine was Whitehaven Sauvignon and arrived at a very cold temperature which I enjoyed, but it was perhaps a little to cold.
By now another 2 groups had arrived and were seated in the back room, the restaurant was positively busy, with atmosphere! Clearly 8pm was the time to arrive.
When our food arrived I was impressed with my fish it had its own plate only to be shared with a slice or two of lemon, the veg came in its own bowl, clearly the fish was not to be messed with. My OH had his steak and we shared the large veg bowl. The spine of the fish came away easily, leaving very little bones left in the fish so I could enjoy my meal without fussing over a bone in each mouthful.
When our plates were clean the waitress cleared our table and brought back the dessert menu. For me I went for the royal strawberries and ice cream, delicious and a good holiday dessert! My OH had creme brûlée which was a large size and tasty, his comments are that he prefers more sugar on the glaze and a little longer in the setting process.
Our evening for two was £77 not at all bad for great food, atmosphere and good service.


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