This week it’s a wrap

After the bank holiday and seemingly lots of various outings it’s time to wind in the spending and re introduce a health kick.

I don’t think I’ve done too badly on the healthy side of things, after all a lobster for a Sunday lunch can’t be too bad on the waistline. This weekend I headed to the supermarket and picked up some wraps, wraps are apparently a lighter alternative to your average bread loaf sandwich, and if that’s not the case, it’s at least something different! My plan is to have wraps  for the week, with a slightly different filling to keep things interesting, along with some fruit to keep me going!

A lesson learnt today: Only make the wraps in the morning unless you like the wrap soggy!

Monday wrap is TLT: 1/2 a tin of Tuna, some Lettuce and a chopped Tomato with a small addition of mayo.

Tuesday wrap will be the same but with a touch of reggae sauce instead of Mayo, to make lunch spicy.

Wednesday I have a work away day, involving being fed during the day, so there will be no need to create a wrap on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday will be a mixed bean wrap using various tinned beans, again keeping this cheap, most likely cannellini beans and chick peas with some herbs and black pepper. 

This will save me spending approximately £4 a day on lunches in the canteen. At most it will be £4 for the week on lunches.


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