A break away in Cornwall

After a holiday in Cornwall I wanted to write a blog to summarise what I’d enjoyed and tasted over the few days away.

Fishing in Cornwall – The last time I went fishing was at the Jubilee weekend, it was chilly and nothing was caught. This time in St Mawes, Cornwall, it was different. The weather was considerably warmer, which I was told is prefered by mackerel as well as humans. Our fisherman, James Brown, welcomed us onto his boat. The results of our trip were amazing: First one in was a Gurnard, bright orange and beautiful, swiftly followed by a few mackerel, then two pollock caught at once, our catch continued like this for our hour at sea. The smaller fish caught were used as lobster bait, and some of our catch was released back out to sea.

Our break away was at Pollaughan Farm, the accommodation was beautiful and in a peaceful setting. the farm offered trips round the farm to feed the animals, which suited all children and adults. On the evening of our fishing trip, Tim the farmer brought us some of his homegrown potatoes and carrots, to accompany our main course, this was all arranged by the power of twitter earlier that day! We barbecued half of our catch for the group, this had to be the most satisfying dinner of the week.

Have lunch: at the Smugglers Tea bar of Tolverne
Down a narrow windy Cornish road near the King Harry Ferry we came across this pub and tearoom, which opened out into a lovely waterside patch with views over the river Fal. The food here was varied and catered for all, including large and light lunches, as well as some scrummy looking cream teas, which I didn’t have time to try. To drink as well as a large tea selection, there was Cornish Rattler and Oxford Gold on tap.

Newquay and Watergate Bay:  On a day out to Newquay we stopped at Watergate bay for a drink at The Beach Hut and a great view over the beach, had it been a little warmer in the morning, we would have gone prepared and stayed on that beach all day. After our refreshing stop we moved on to Newquay for a nose to see what was there, this wasn’t my favourite stop, as it felt pretty average walking down the high street, we could have been anywhere. By the seafront we stopped at The Chy Restaurant on Beach road for some chips. The terrace was glorious in the sunshine and we were hard pushed to get a table, it certainly blew its competition out of the water. We made sure that we picked up a Cornish pasty before leaving.


Dine out at The Watch House in St Mawes. So lovely that we went twice. This restaurant covered two floors and catered for adults & children, offering a lovely nosey view out to sea. The restaurant was fresh and smart with it’s blue and white decor, the staff were also friendly and happy to help our group order dishes to their requirements. The seafood linguine hit the spot for me, combining fresh fish with a rich tomato sauce and good seasoning. The Fish and chips were enjoyed, with the exception of the mushy peas, as they were a touch on the sweet side, either the mint or the peas were clearly very fresh! The Seabass was presented elegantly with green beans, olives and heritage tomatoes, one of which was green. I’m told that this was delicious, it must have been as sadly I didn’t get a bite.


I love this part of the world, I think it’s hard to go wrong in Cornwall. I wrote this to let others know what I had found, no doubt if you go to Cornwall you will find your own great spots, pubs and restaurants, but if you come across any that I’ve mentioned here, then you’ll know what to expect and enjoy.


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