The Gardeners Arms, Plantation rd

Plantation Road sits in the heart of Jericho’s streets. It’s not a big road, and might be missed by a few, but for what you can find on it, it’s worth finding! 

On arrival I found a parking space right next to The Gardeners Arms pub, this often feels like a rare treat in Oxford. My space finding only got better, when I saw that there was nothing to pay and no time limits set – amazing!

I had called up before arriving to see about booking a table for 4. However no bookings are taken but I was told that I would have no issues getting a table. On arrival, I wasn’t convinced of this. All the tables, bar one very, very small table, were taken. Eek! With a little bit of patience a good square table came available near the window, I pounced, spreading my coat, handbag and drink over the table until my friends arrived. 

I had heard that this pub was totally vegetarian, so I was a little puzzled by the ‘v’ signs next to only some of the menu options, I soon discovered ‘v’ is for vegan!

The menu offered: Main dishes, Burgers, Burger wraps, Flat bread calzone and Hot Dogs. I had been told that the burgers were the best, so as this was my first time eating here, I made my decision fairly quickly, however I will now have to return to try the other dishes.

The food: The food orders can be taken up until 9pm so at 8.30 when we had all arrived and picked our dishes we placed our order. Unfortunately our food didn’t arrive until 9.40, so by this time we were pretty hungry. I suspect that the busy night might have taken them by surprise, the rain was out in force that evening, and The Garderners Arms appeared to be a good shelter for many people!

Two hot dogs – The hot dogs arrived in a basket with fries, and was enjoyed by both diners, apparently it was better than the average meat hot dog where you might not be certain what the contents are!

One veggie burger – I opted for sweet chilli sauce and jalapeno for my extra toppings, but there was a long list of choices to make your burger your own.  This was the burger I’d heard a lot about so my expectations were high. On first sight I wasn’t too sure what all the fuss was about, but the burger was good. Most veggie burgers taste of cardboard and are just used as a filler, and usually leave me feeling stuffed. Or if they have taste, they are usually bean based, and they fall apart as soon as you try to tackle them. This had taste, as well as moisture, which the usual cardboard variety can lack and I was able to move afterwards! 

One greek salad – The salad arrived and it looked great, it was accompanied with some wholemeal pitta bread, there were plenty of olives and feta, so no skimping on the salad option. The only criticism was that the dressing was very sharp and ment that the salad was not finished due to the dressings over powering strength. It may well have been our tastes, or a particularly sharp batch made that evening.

I was the only vegetarian in our group that evening,  but everyone enjoyed their meat free meals, despite some uncertainty at the start of the night.  So if you love your meat, maybe have a night off and try something different in a good veggie venue. I will happily return again, either for a burger or one of the other many options that were available. Our meals and averaged at £8.50 along with a drink and free parking this made for a cheap and enjoyable night out in Jericho.

Take a look at their website and menu:


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