The Spread Eagle Pub – Abingdon

This comfy pub was a great suggestion made by my Abingdon friends for our fortnightly catch up. Usually we dine out in Oxford so it was nice for us to break from the norm, and drive only a short distance over to Abingdon and a new dining venue.

There was ample parking and a good-sized sunny garden. With plenty of seats and two lanes of Aunt Sally, which were being used through the night, creating a good buzz.

When we arrived we were directed through to our table, the evening started off quiet as many punters were enjoying the sunshine, but the restaurant area quickly filled up so we were glad to have arrived before the rush.

The menu is vast there are pages of options to go through, while this can sometimes be overbearing and off-putting, the selections were broken down into food styles, which made the browsing experience better. Nearly everything with meat had a veggie alternative of quorn and red pepper being a substitute, which although I didn’t chose this it was certainly pleasing to see the versatility.

The speciality at the pub was ‘Black Rock’, which I had doubted would offer anything but meat. However I found a great prawn option which appealed, so I opted for this.

Prawns 3 ways, 30 prawns: One skewer marinated in lime and Tequila. One in sweet Jack Daniels sauce and the other plain.  The dish came with two sides, another choice! I had the chips and roasted vegetables. The heat from the ‘rock’ was noticeable on arrival. The advisory was – DO NOT TOUCH.


My other half had the 3 meat mixed grill option: chicken, beef and pork. His advisory was also DO NOT TOUCH and cook the chicken thoroughly, it’s safe to say he survived!


These meals were filling, delicious and fun. Our friends had food that was not on the black rock menu, but they thoroughly enjoyed it. The prices were reasonable, especially considering the portion sizes. Our meal for two including drinks was £42

The atmosphere of the pub was buzzing, all the tables were full by 7.30pm, we had arrived at 7pm and didn’t leave until 10pm, there was no pressure to hurry or pay the bill, but equally we didn’t feel that we’d been abandoned.

For my friends who live locally, they’ve said that this is their favourite pub in Abingdon and I can see why. While I live in Oxford, with a multiple variety of restaurants, this pub has character and great food to offer. Many Oxford pubs do good pub food but the Spread Eagles’ ‘Black rock’ and the vast choice of menu gave the place an edge. 

The travel time by car, was 10-15mins, the traffic is certainly not like it is at 8am when I head to work. Parking was free and on site. A return on a hot summers night would certainly be recommended to take the opportunity of the garden. And perhaps a chance to play Aunt Sally!

You can find the Spread Eagle online or drive out from Oxford to Northcourt Road, Abingdon.


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