The stir fry salad

This evening I got in and unloaded the shopping into the fridge. Monday nights meal was to be a stir fry, a fairly standard but tasty monday night dish in my house, including noodles, stir fry salad, prawns and ginger & teriyaki sauce. The temperature according to my car was 25C the idea of hot food did not appeal and by 7pm I wasn’t wanting to BBQ either. So I created a summer salad using my stir fry salad box I had bought earlier.

Meal for two
2 eggs
Stir fry salad I had: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Asparagus with Ginger & Garlic
Rapeseed oil
4 tiger prawns
4 poppadoms

I made my eggs hard boiled, with the maximum time being 10mins. You could poach them, or soft boil them if you prefer a runny middle.
The poppadoms went under the grill once this was hot enough, this only takes a min or so. The poppadoms create your plate for your salad.
Once the poppadoms were done and taken out of the oven, I fired up the wok with a splash of rapeseed oil. I find this oil doesn’t spoil my stir frys.
I added the tiger prawns in first, which had been beheaded, de-veined and peeled. After 30 seconds the stir fry mix went in, I cooked this for about 4 mins, keeping the veg crunchy yet cooked. The key was to make sure the prawns weren’t over done and they weren’t.

The upside to this dish wasn’t just speed, the calorie count wasn’t bad either, according to my nutracheck diary approx 350kcal. If the weather keeps up then you could maybe try this one evening, it’s easily adaptable too.


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