Bang – it’s back

The launch party certainly set the scene of announcing the fact that the Big Bang was back, for anyone that fancies a British! There was: wine; jazz; sausage and a huge number of sausage lovers. After attending the launch party several weeks ago, I thought it was time to try the Big Bang in its new setting for a proper sit down meal, with friends.


It was the start of the dark nights, the Oxford Castle Quarter had decorated their trees with white lights, making me feel slightly festive and it was early November. Tsk.
On arrival we were seated at our table, personalised with a name and time in pen. Keeping the raw and simplistic element that I’ve always enjoyed about the Big Bang. The menu is in a newspaper format, still on issue number one, inside, you’ll find sharing platters, roasts, drinks, puddings and most importantly, sausages, mashes and gravies.

 All in all the start of the evening in the castle complex seemed quiet, for a Thursday night. Our waitress came along and took our drinks order and talked us through the specials. I was however focussed on one thing, sausages. 
I opted for a trio, due to indecisiveness if I’m honest. I went for 1 wild mushroom and garlic sausage, 1 thai spiced sausage and 1 stilton and walnut sausage. this was accompanied with my choice of mustard mash and the red wine gravy.
My friends went for trios too, including the toulouse, the cheapskates and the wild venison, going on memory. Between the three of us we tasted 9 of the Big Bangs sausages, which can’t be bad going for the first evening visit.


Max Mason, has made the Big Bang what it is today. His personality and passion has got his sausages on the map, and that map is for now in Oxford. I know people who do not live in Oxford, who have come to Oxford just because they were told the Big Bang was back.

For pudding there was one answer from our table. STP. Delicious.

The service for the evening was spot on, considering our seat was fairly hidden from the main bar and visible area, we were not missed by the waitresses or Max. By the end of the evening the restaurant had certainly picked up in customers. I had initially been worried that the venue might rattle with an echo, like a canteen. I was wrong, the venue was comfortable, smart and works well for the new Big Bang home. So if you hadn’t heard already… The Big Bang is back. Max is back. And sausages are on the Oxford map again. Phew.


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