Seafood broth

Seafood broths and Thai soups are delicious, if you love fish and spicy things then you will enjoy broths. They are lighter than a curry but I find they satisfy the spice need. The off-putting thing when making a broth is the amount of ingredients involved and the bother of clarifying the soup. I find that if you prep all of your ingredients first this cuts out a lot of ‘faff’. I didn’t clarify this broth either, only because I wasn’t entertaining.

Serves 4
1 inch fresh root ginger, peeled and sliced thinly
2 limes, juiced and reserve a strip of lime
3 pints of fish stock
1 lemongrass stalk, use the outer leaves for the stock.
1 red birdseye chilli, cut in half or chopped
1 tbsp thai fish sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
8 headless raw prawns, save the shells for the broth
1 dressed crab, you’ll only need the white meat for this dish and the shell
15g rice noodles
100g cod fillet, thinley sliced
2 spring onions, chopped and finley sliced.
25 bok choi, cut into chunks
25g beansprouts
To garnish:
1tbsp each of coriander and mint leaves
2 birdseye chillies
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
You’ll need 3 pans, 2 medium and 1 small.

Peel the ginger, save the peel and cut the ginger into thin slices
Remove a strip of zest from one lime, this piece is for the stock. Juice both limes and discard the limes. (save the strip!)

Pour the fish stock into a large pan, add 3/4 of the sliced ginger, the ginger peel, the strip of lime zest, lime juice, outer leaves of the lemongrass, birdseye chilli, fish sauce and soy sauce. Gradually bring this to the boil.

While this is coming up to the boil. Decapitate your raw prawns and remove the shells, add the shells and heads to your stock pot. Take your dressed crab and scoop out the white meat, and set aside for later. Scoop out the brown meat, and put it in a bowl and refrigerate for a pate on another day. You’ll be left with the shell which should also go into the stock pot. Cover and simmer for 20mins*.


Now sieve the stock into another medium pan, discard the items left in your sieve. This stock is now ready to use.

In the smaller pan you need to bring lightly salted water to the boil. once at boiling point add the noodles and remove the pan from the heat, leave to soak for 2 mins. Drain and set aside.

Finely chop your ginger that you sliced earlier. Chop the lemongrass in half. Bring the stock to a gentle simmer and add the prawns, cod, ginger and lemongrass. Cook for 1 min.

Add the noodles, white crab meat, spring onions, bok choi, and beansprouts. Simmer for 30 seconds and remove from the heat.

To serve mix your mint and coriander in one bowl, mix your chillies and rice wine vinegar in another bowl.

Divide your broth into suitable bowls with a ladle and garnish to your taste.

*After the 20mins you can clarify the stock if you wish.



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