Yeti, Nepalese Restaurant, Oxford

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review, so here goes…

Recently we headed out with friends to the Yeti on Cowley road, a Nepalese restaurant, which despite being a stones throw away from my house, this was my first visit.
I had heard though a friend at work that she had taken her parents to the Yeti recently, so I figured I was missing a trick by not trying this restaurant. Little did I know that people were raving about this place on Trip Advisor.

From the outside the Yeti looks clean, and new, however it has been around for a while. It’s set back slightly from Cowley road so it’s hard to get a good look in from the road, the only option is to walk straight up to the front door and go in.

On entry the staff were friendly and welcoming and although it wasn’t full on the Wednesday, our waiter still bothered to ask who we were, when we said we’d booked. The service was attentive and to a good time, we were left to read the menu for long enough to have decided what we wanted but not too long to starve.

To drink we had a traditional beer, Gurkha, which is apparently the UKs number 1 selling Nepalese beer. It was tasty, fairly light and it was enjoyed by us all.

We ordered 2 rice and 2 naan between 4 of us, warning the Chilli & Garlic Naan is not for the faint hearted, but it is something different!
Our main course choices, were eventually chosen, there is a lot to choose from: Meat, Fish and Vegetarian. Traditional or Speciality:
Katahar Masu Chicken cooked with jack fruit..
Katahar Masu Lamb cooked with jack fruit..
Mitho Bhansa Chef’s cocktail mix with sheek kebab, chicken chokta & lamb chokta..
Jhane Ko King Prawn King-Prawn tempered with Nepali Jowano (Carum seed) & garlic, cooked with coconut..

I was being indecisive so also picked a side of Quati Dall Mix beans cooked in traditional Nepalese herbs & spices.


It’s safe to say that the food quantities are generous. One naan order would have been fine to share between 4, my lesson has been learnt.
There were plenty of prawns in my dish, something that needs to be celebrated! This is certainly more than the standard 4 that I often experience when I opt for a prawn dish, which is slightly irritating as it’s usually an £11 dish.

By the end of our meal our plates were polished, with only the sides remaining, we were offered a doggy bag, it’s great to see that they don’t let food go to waste. The Yeti had filled up four adults, on a cold damp evening, which only cost £20 per head, I thought it was great value. I will definitely go back and suggest you give it a try.

Next time you wander past in search of food, pop in and give it a try. The warm atmosphere and great food should make for an enjoyable evening, any day of the week.
Visit the Website to see what it’s all about.


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