Training… for the half

I’m training for a half marathon which will be on the 18th March 2018. My training hasn’t been the best so far, simply due to the winter bug. I’ve had a flu jab and I still managed to get a cold/bug whatever we are calling it! So I’ve had a perma-cough since returning from skiing. In fact skiing was the one week that I felt amazing this year… this is a sign that I should go back again.

Due to my cough I’ve stuck at my 5k runs around my local area, which happens to also be the same area for the start and finish line of the half marathon. This week however I have broken the back of my fear, I’ve done 2 longer runs… these were 9.16km on Tuesday for ‘lunch’ and Thursday for a 10km evening run.

Tuesday I was on my own, so no real idea of pace but it was 6.27min/km which wasn’t bad considering it was the first long one in a while. It felt slower and I kept seeing other runners in my route, (which is a lap of a business park) so I assumed it was going to be a worse time. I did however find a few runners going in my direction, some of which I managed to overtake, which always helps momentum!

On Thursday evening I ran in a small group, I hated the first 5k, I felt like I started too fast, and someone in the group does regular half marathons, so his pace is good, aka faster than mine. I was therefore having an internal monologue with myself, (I think it was internal) as to whether I could do this or not. When I reached the 4.5km mark, I was going past a turn off point, meaning I could have stopped at that point and gone home, but I persisted and carried on for the 10k route, as planned. Although as soon as I said I’d carry on, I regretted it, it was a serious internal debate again!

Anyway as the next few KM’s continued down the main road and out of the confines of the business park, things seemed to get easier. I was comfortable, to a point. My ankle hurt, for some reason, but I ignored that and carried on. What started to go through my head was thoughts about the charity I’m running for, and how a run and a bit of discomfort is nothing, in comparison to what people will/can suffer with Alzheimer’s. I’m pleased that there are charities to research into this topic as it’s something that has impacted many people I know and yet it seems like something that is still a bit of a mystery, as to how to avoid/improve, at least to the average person on the street.

As I turned to head back home for the final few KM (Home Stretch) I started to really think that I can do it, so fingers crossed, as next week I’m going to have to increase the distance!

When I finished at approx. 7.30pm, I was pretty pleased with myself, not just for the run, but I could have gone out on a work social, and at 6.30pm I wished I had! Now that the second 10km was complete I couldn’t wait to tuck into my Higgidy Pie, chips and peas! An ideal runners meal for a cold February night.


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