Meatless ‘meat’ balls or falafel.

My plan this week was to make some lunches for work, I had meatballs in my head, obviously veggie ones, but I thought that would be nice with a lovey sauce and either couscous, rice or pasta midweek.

However time ran away with me, I blame training for the half, and I made these part way through the week, I haven’t got around to making the sauce.

Despite this, I’m pleased with the result, I would really say they are falafel, and not to the consistency of a veggie meatball.

Now they are made they should last for a week or I can freeze them. I can now have them in a salad, a wrap or the initial couscous or pasta plan, but I will need to make some sauce.

For better veggie meatballs I’ll have to check how Polpo do theirs, as they are the best I’ve had to date. I’ll let you know when I’ve cracked it.

This was really simple to create, as everything went into the food processor, then into a frying pan to cook. I would advise you to make the balls smaller, I went too big on some.


Chickpeas 1 can

Courgette 1

Onion 1

Egg 1

Breadcrumbs (2slices of bread)


How to make:

Make your breadcrumbs first.

Add in your parmesan, onion and courgette. Mix this well and season.

Add in your chickpeas and once this is blended in, add the egg in to bind everything together.

Now take a tablespoon and create your balls/patties. Fry them in a hot frying pan until evenly coloured on both sides.

Great in a salad, just add lettuce, apple, cheese and a dressing of choice.


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