Creative tacos

Old El Paso tacos for me are a great Friday or Saturday night meal. When you know you shouldn’t have a takeaway but you want something fun to eat. Obviously you can eat them on any day of the week, but I think part of the fun is the build your own style and the inevitable mess that comes with enjoying this dish.

When I say creative tacos I’m not thinking mince (meat or quorn). You don’t have to follow the box instructions! Why not try mackerel, prawns, a tin of tuna? Or go veggie and create a medley of vegetables with lentils? If you buy the ‘complete’ taco boxes you get the spices and sauce. But in my experience the sauce doesn’t last for the next round of tacos and the spices are fine but you could probably do better just with what’s in the kitchen cupboard.

The last creative taco dish I did was simply vegetables and mackerel. But it was possibly one of my better combinations, I think it’s because I didn’t reach for the tin of tomatoes, I went with fresh veg in one pan, with a little help from Abel and Cole.

all you need is a pan, a dash of olive oil / veg oil, to cook the veg and add in the vegetables you enjoy, or have to hand in the fridge. I added the smoked Mackerel in near the end to warm through. then used up a trio dip of guacamole, salsa and crème frais to be added in the creation.

My Ingredients:

Tacos / dips / contents listed below:
1 packet of smoked mackerel
1 shallot
1 courgetti
half a red pepper
Tomatoes – enough to create a tomato ‘sauce’ say a large handful of cherry tomatoes
Garlic, crushed

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