Fakeaway – Vegetable and chickpea ‘curry’


This post is for those evenings where you’d love a takeaway but you’ve overspent on the bank holiday weekends/ Easter / general life. 🙂

The weather of late has been pretty stunning in my part of the world. Then all of a sudden one evening it went cold again, like turning back the clock! After several long weekends the idea of a takeaway was not realistic, so I made a one pot ‘curry’. This dish was a simple midweek throw together. In truth it doesn’t compete with a real curry, however with some spices, vegetables and some poppadums’ it was a comfort dish that was very much wanted for the cooler evening.

Currently I get vegetables delivered from Abel and Cole so this was partially inspired by what I had left over in the fridge from the weeks delivery.

how to?
fry your onions/garlic, soften, add your halloumi (or paneer) plus the spices.
when the halloumi and onion combo starts to colour add in the other ingredients, leave the mushrooms until near the end. simmer while you cook your naan bread / pour wine / set the table.

1 onion a couple of garlic cloves
spices, approx. half a teaspoon of the following: asafetida, coriander seeds (ground), cayenne powder, fennel seeds (ground)
1 tin chickpeas
1 broccoli – or whatever you have left of one in the fridge
halloumi – I had some open from the weekend, so treated it like paneer
remainder of a red pepper
remainder of button mushrooms (any type would work
tin of chopped tomatoes
Naan bread or poppadums’ to serve.




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