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Broccoli and feta tart – work lunch

For this weeks’ lunch I’m going to have homemade tart or quiche. I think this becomes a quiche due to the egg content, but either way this should make 4 portions which is ideal as I’ll be out for lunch for one midweek meeting.

Pastry – You could use a shop bought base if you really have no time!
50g softened butter
50g wholemeal flour
50g self raising flour
A few drops of water

8 pieces of tenderstem broccoli
3 eggs
220g crème fraiche
175g feta

Practical things
1 tart dish with a removable base, buttered
Preheated oven set to 180C

First make your pastry adding the butter and flour to the food processor and pulsing until the mixture looks like small crumbs. Then pour in a small amount of water while the processor is still on, until the mixture comes together into a ball. Then place the pastry ball into cling film and sit it in the fridge for about half an hour.

Now crack the eggs into a jug and whisk, then pour in the crème fraiche. Next chop the feta into small chunks and mix this into the egg mix.

Take the pastry out of the fridge and roll out onto a floured surface. Make sure the pastry is large enough to sit into your buttered tart dish. Prick the base with a fork all over, to stop the pastry rising. Now add the tart to the pre heated oven for about 20mins.

As the tart will serve 4 portions I used 8 pieces of tenderstem broccoli. Cook these for a short time making sure that the broccoli still has a crunch and doesn’t go soggy.

When the 20mins are up take your cooked pastry out of the oven and create your tart. Add the broccoli to the base and pour over the egg and feta mix, now put the tart into the oven again for a further 30mins.

Allow to cool and then slice up for your lunches! Alternatively serve this up with salad while it’s hot. If you are dividing this into 4 portions, 1 portion is 435 calories.


Bicester Avenue Home and Garden Centre and Broccoli Soup

The thing about Oxfordshire is that there are so many great food/farm shops, only a short drive from the main city centre. The purpose of my trip out today was for some essential kitchen items, that have over time; worn out, chipped cracked etc. Bicester Avenue Home and Garden Centre has a Lakeland which in my eyes has everything you would think of and need in a home kitchen. The range in products was impressive too; including Le Creuset, Raymond Blanc pots, Tupperware in all sorts of shapes and not to mention square cake tins – controversial!

The Wyevale shop was huge, I’m fairly sure there was at least 2 restaurants inside. I must say I was impressed with the chilli plant which for £7.99 had oodles of chillies on it before you had to do any work! The farm shop was the main appeal for me, the food supplies ranged from Pieminster (also found in the covered market in town) local sausages, a variety of chutneys and oils, (some of which was available for tasting) and a huge range of ciders and ales, which were not available for tasting on site, so a few have been purchased for home enjoyment.

This farm shop is the type of shop that invites you to purchase something, the moment you walk into it. Even if you hadn’t intended on doing any more food shopping for the week. I was also intrigued by the frozen ‘Patchwork Cheese Pate’ something I’ve never seen before, but it looked like there was a great range of flavours ‘Stilton and Guinness’ was the one I noticed first, maybe I’ll try one next time!

My purchases:
Broccoli (for soup making for this week).
Teapigs tea: lemongrass and peppermint.
A variety of Sheppys cider and Oxfordshire Ales.

My Soup – Broccoli, lemon and chilli soup.

1 Large Broccoli – purchased today as mentioned
A handful of green beans before they go past their best
1 home-grown and dried chilli
2 slices of lemon
A dash of Worcestershire sauce
1 Onion and 1 garlic clove
Vegetable stock cube with a large amount of water – cover your broccoli!

I’ve made this purely for my working week of lunches:
Chop the broccoli up and throw into a saucepan, along with the green beans topped and tailed.
Boil the kettle and fill up your measuring jug, just add one vegetable stock cube, add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and stir it around until the cube has dissolved. Once this happens add this too your pan of broccoli, top up with boiled water if needed, and start to bring the broccoli and beans to the boil.
Meanwhile chop the onion and garlic and fry in a pan, not too much oil though!
Then add this too your broccoli pan, (I find this way you don’t end up with too much oil in your soup.)
Reduce your soup to a simmer and remove the lid to add the chilli and lemon, put the lid on the soup and continue to simmer until the broccoli is nice and soft.
Now simply whizz it up and leave to cool before putting into a container to take to work.
Just remember to lift the container in the morning!